Friday, January 30, 2009

Important Days in History

Do you remember where you were when Kennedy was shot? How about when the space shuttle blew up? How about, Just last week when President Obama was inaugurated? Isn't it interesting how we remember exactly where we were when important events happen. My mother can even tell me what she was wearing when Kennedy was shot...

So, today I will remember that I was in the "knitting room" wearing my fanciest pajamas on this January 30th 2009 when my daughter knit her first real stitch, and than another, and than another!!!!
Look at the concentration (and for those of you that know her, she is silent - no talking). I can only thank the blog for giving me a place to document the historic events of my knitting/crochet/family life.

Speaking of knitting and crochet I have been working on a few designs, but I can't show anything to you yet!

PS I was not born when Kennedy was shot, I was home sick from school when the space shuttle exploded and when President Obama was sworn into office..... I was in a yarn shop!


Estella said...

I love it! And the light surrounding her makes the moment even better. Wow! Yes, you will cherish that forever.

Let's see - I was a baby when Kennedy was said I was in my playpen when she learned the news. I was working in NYC when the space shuttle went down and I was substitute teaching when Obama was sworn in and they played his speech over the PA system.

Okay, I think I have the same fabric in my family room for the curtains!

Katherine said...

Very cute.

I was not born when Kennedy was shot, I was in English class when the shuttle exploded. I could even tell you what seat I was sitting in, and I was at working watching the inauguration on my computer when Obama became president.

crabby knitter said...

That's my chicken! I was also in my playpen when JFK was shot, at work for the space shuttle, and on my sofa knitting when Barak was sworn in, also was in the checkout line at Shoprite when the first plane hit the WTC and in front of my TV screaming when the Rangers won the stanley cup - 1994!

Melissa said...

I'm a new reader, who found your blog through ravelry. I'm the one who left a comment on your popcorn strips afghan. :) Anyway, love your blog, it's already bookmarked! I had to comment for a couple of reasons. First off, I'm so impressed that your daughter is knitting! My oldest daughter is nearly 6, and has been wanting me to teach her to crochet. I'm not sure where to start. Any suggestions? Also, I loved how you ended this post- we have some similarities! I wasn't born when Kennedy was shot. I was also home sick from school when the Challenger exploded! I remember waking up to my mom watching the news coverage. Only watched bits and pieces of the Obama inauguration; I was probably in front of my computer! :)