Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little People

I love to make things for little people..... quick and very satisfying to make, almost instant gratification. I love when little people ask me to make things for them - it is such a thrill when a little one says, "will you make me a sweater?" or "I hope I get a sweater this year from Aunt Kimberly". Parents, if you know a knitter/crochet diva, make sure if your children ask for a hand knit, you TELL the knitter in your life!

A few posts back, you all can see that I forgot my niece's birthday (a few more back and you will see that I forgot her brother's birthday this year also!) I hope to make up for it with this beautiful sweater made in Lobsterpot whale of a skein in, I think, Cape sky (I can't find the label). The pattern is Girlfriend's Swing Coat Sweater by Wendy Bernard - I love all things Wendy!! It was easy to do, very quick and I love the end results as does Dumplin'  - I think you can tell by the photos she was having fun (and promptly asked for a pink one!)
The button is from my button jars - it was the only one of it's kind and I love that Miss M will have it for her sweater. Oh, did I tell you that my Mom gave me 3 button jars for Christmas?!!! I think I have a picture of that morning, hang on..... nope it's on the other computer, drat. Anyway it was snowing this weekend and Son #2 and Dumplin and I got all the jars out and looked in each one to find just the right button - I think we did a great job.

Here is Dumplin's Stupa, as I was finishing it last night watching Idol (don't you so want that blind guy to win - i secretly want to see his guide more- he was Hot!) and during a commercial Son #2 leaned over and said.... "Mom, I'd like mine in red please".... I am only to happy to oblige!


Estella said...

Love the modeling job done by Dumplin. Miss America somehow knows all the modeling moves too - very scary when I get her to do a photo shoot as she really works the camera!

Love the sweater and the button story. So when you say your mom gives you a button jar is it with or without the buttons it it. How do you collect all your buttons? My godmother had a tin full of buttons which I inherited and we used them for all the math projects that require counting. We also glued them onto things and made buttons sculptures - this was before I was knitting again and I wish I hadn't done that as I would have used them in my knitting. I still have a lot of buttons left - maybe I need my own jar.

Estella said...

OMG, I just went on to Ebay and typed in button jars. I'm in trouble! So, what is a good/fair price for a button jar?