Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday 08 Top 10

Happy New Year!!! Here are some of my observations over the last 2 weeks:

1. Fun, food, and Fat all begin with the letter F, usually one follows the other and F also is the first letter of the word I have said lately after getting off the bathroom scale.

2. When given the opportunity, children can make it to midnight (the next day stinks, though..)

3. Saying Hello to family and friends is so wonderful and saying Goodbye is not my favorite.

4. Giving woolly gifts makes my heart smile.

Pictured are 2 versions of Doris Chan's All shawl and Stupa Bella by Alchemy yarns.

5. It takes a week to decorate our house for Christmas and 3 hours to pack it all up (with the help of Mr. Fantastic)

6. When children break expensive gifts given to them by Santa, it causes my face to turn bright red because I have to hold in the speech that begins, "Do you know how hard your father has to work to pay for that!"

7. The game Bananagrams is REALLY fun and Mr. Fantastic wins every time!

8. The movie Despero is dark and scary for a 4 year old girl, and the movie Bedtime Stories is fun for the whole family

9. Being invited to share in another Holiday with dinner included was one of the nicest gifts in many ways.
10. Back to School are 3 of my favorite words!

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Anonymous said...

Love your shawls! I actually have this in my queue to knit. Yours are gorgeous.