Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lots of Stuff

Happy Wednesday! We had a great long weekend, lots of  bbq'd meat and baseball (4 games in 2 days). We watched the parade... and it was great to see that the Brennan's still watch the parade on our lawn (they have been doing that for 30+ years!)

I received my Mother's day gifts in the mail from Mr. Fantastic..... lots of pattern books (2 from Japan!)

I,  just this morning, finished the store sample for my latest shawl.... It is unblocked next to it's cousin who is blocked - see what blocking does for your knits/crochet?!

I also received my copy of Crochet! magazine and in it is my Clamshawl pattern. This pattern looks super great in sock yarn!!!! The sample for the magazine is done in Caron's Spa - a cool summer weight.

I am busy with finishing up end of the year gifts for some special teachers on my list.... after that it is time to design a knit sweater for the Decadent Fibers ladies!!!


Joyce said...

Hi Kimberly

Did you know about the YesAsia website? They sell those Japanese books you like, and more often a lot cheaper than ebay items with free shipping. I buy my Chinese CD and books from them.

Estella said...

You go girl! Love your published pattern. Saw Peggy over the long weekend and we both can't wait for BH S&B. Soon enough...time flies at this time of year.

janice said...

Clam shell looks like the Mommy to Sprung sort of. I finished Sprung in Malabrigo sock - Purple! and showed it at Meera's yesterday. I love how it stays on my shoulders! I have to get my picturing taking act together as well so I can get it up on the Rav. Me and Technology don't mix either unless there is tequilla involved.