Friday, May 29, 2009

Button Jar to the Rescue!

For as long as I can remember our niece Keeta (Duplin's name for her) has been dancing. She takes ballet, jazz, tap, point, and modern (I'm sure there are more in there, but I can't remember!) this time of year it is recital time which means for me.... sewing costume time. I have sewn Keeta's costumes for years and while it's not something I particularly enjoy, I do get to go to the recital with my sister-in-law as a gift. Every single time I go to the recital I cry.... to see someone you love dance (and be one of the best) gives me goosebumps - I am also in terror most of the time worrying that her costume is going to have a malfunction!!! 

Yesterday Dumplin' and I were in Michael's looking for snaps (for the costume) and I had....... let's say...... a bathroom emergency!(I know, classy, but this IS real life) While I did not have accident, I did forget the snaps! Keeta needs her costume for tomorrow, so this morning I started sewing, and guess what? I needed 1 more snap, a crucial snap, one that I'm sure no one else will have, but my Keeta will not have to fuss with her belt. Dumplin' and I set to work looking through my button jars, and lo and behold! the perfect snap. It was the last jar we checked and it was my very first jar. I am so lucky to have my jars!

Here is the shawl in Sheep 3 for the shop. The pattern will be available there and on Ravelry soon. Notice how the shawl opened up with blocking (go to Wednesday's post and look at it there)  It is a beauty.... can't wait to make my own!

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Deborah said...

Wow, I got to see this in person! So, so lovely!!