Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Let's play a game. In the title is the number 36..... What do you think that means to me today???

-36 days since we last were together? (I know it's been a long time, we will catch up later when I have time)

-36 errands to run? (maybe I have been in deadline He double hockey sticks for the past week or 3!)

-36 years old? (Nope, been there done that)

-36 project on the hooks/needles? (nope, not that either)

-36, what, what could it be?

36 hours is the length of time I can go without taking a shower. That's it, that's all I can stand of myself. In high school my sister had an ugly contest with her friends, they wanted to see how long they could stand it before they had to shower (we went to an all girls school, so it was totally doable.) I do believe my sister won (chime in here Katherine, if you did - also how many days did you or the winner go) 

That's it, that's all I have for you. I will be back on Friday after I send off my latest 2 designs and will be freed of the dreaded deadline.... oh, and also will be back to regularly scheduled showers! I know, Stay Classy!


Katherine said...

Just curious-was that picture taken after 36 hours sans shower? And thanks for the shout out...I vaguely remember the contest but don't remember the particulars

Kimberly said...

Nope, that picture was taken 3 years ago (and about 10 inches of hair shorter!) when the Fantastics went out to dinner after pumpkin picking... Mr. Fantastic starting laughing when I was talking because my salad was stuck in my teeth, he then snapped my picture to remember the occasion. Just a photo to show everyone how I keep it Classy all the time!!