Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Yesterday Dumplin' and I were in the car going to the yarn shop. "This is the last time we will be going to the yarn shop until the Fall" I tell her. "We are leaving for the beach next Friday" That prompted a barrage of questions that ranged from Will we ever come back to the yarn shop, to Are we going to take 1 car or 2 to the beach? I told her that we would be taking two cars because Daddy has to go work and we will need our car during the week. She informed me:

"Not Papa, he's a house dad. He stays at home all the time"
"Yes, that's right, Papa stays at home - but he used to work when I was a little girl, he worked a lot. In fact, he worked so hard and saved his money that now, we get to spend the whole summer with him in paradise - aren't we lucky?"
"We sure are lucky Mom! We are so lucky he is home all the time so he can give us boat rides!"

I love you Daddy, and I love your boat rides. I will see you on Friday.



Estella said...

Will you bring some sunshine when you come to BH? If it stays this way all summer I'll get more knitting done than expected. This year's goal - knitting on the beach.

Chris said...

having trouble making my caplet look like yours. Should I be double crocheting after the chain 3 it is too short.Chris