Monday, June 8, 2009

Sick Monday

Well, the little ones got me this time... I have the cold that two of my children had last week! I am feeling quite under the weather, so I will just show you what I have...

I made this shawl for my SIL and gave it to her on her birthday this past Saturday, she liked it! It is called My blue jeans shawl I made it in Malabrigo sock yarn in the colorway Impression sky. It was a quick and easy project with beautiful results. The shawl is light as a feather and will be the perfect thing for her to wrap herself up in at the beach!

I received a few copies of this booklet last week and I was excited to see a baby pattern I designed made the first page.... It looks so cute! 

I am finishing up the Salt Water Taffy shawl re-do - It should be blocking this afternoon.... I just have to finish the sleeve and the edge. It all depends on if my nose stops dripping long enough for me to be able to look down at my knitting!! Nice, right?!


Katherine said...

Pull a Baba and stuff tissues up your nostrils!

Joyce said...

Ooooo dear, hope you get better soon.