Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Always wear clean underwear

Last night was the Spring concert at Son #1's school. Now, I have to say that a lot of parents complain about going to these. It's hot, it's late on a school night, there isn't a lot of seating and the content is......well......OK. I do admit, with two sick children home, it was hard to get out of the house for this concert. Look at how handsome he is!

I looked like crap. No makeup, tee shirt with pasta sauce spots on it, flip flops...... and you know what happened?!!! I was recognized for being an outstanding parent (for volunteering my time) and had to stand up in front of the whole audience and my Son presented me with a flower!! Are you kidding me!!! Makes me think of the saying.... make sure you have clean underwear on.

Anyway, during the performance little Grace (who was sitting - well she never was sitting - behind me) had a hard time focusing, she was flitting about and her mother was losing patience. I am reworking the Salt Water Taffy pattern for the ladies at Decadent Fibers and was knitting away enjoying the show.... I turned and asked if Grace would like to knit for a bit... she only had to be shown a few times, and off she went... knitting like a pro. After a few rows on my shawl she went visiting about and came back. I think we have a future knitter!!! Just doing my part!
Here she is (we took this picture together) holding my Addi clicks (not to shabby to learn on!)

I have to say that I LOVED the show, I am so proud to be his Mom.

PS. When he handed me the flower, he kissed me in front of everyone....that's a good boy.

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