Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Which Way?

Remember the Salt Water Taffy Shawl? Wait, here it is for you to see.

 I designed this a few months ago for the lovely ladies at Decadent Fibers. They made up kits and off to the shows they went. My lovelies, wanted to see if I could rework the shawl a little to use a little less yarn and therefore open up the market on the shawl (less yarn = less price!) I set out to work and I came up with this.

The new shawl has one less panel and I originally wanted to shorten it, but I didn't because I love the long flow of this shawl. I love that you can wear it over a jeans jacket for even more warmth (and rockin' style - if you ask me!) The Spring and Early summer here in New Jersey has been really chilly, so I wore the original quite often!

The original wraps all the way around your back and hangs down your right shoulder. The newer version does not. The newer version has a longer sleeve, and hangs over your left shoulder - you need a shawl pin (ooh! another excuse to buy something!) to hold it in place.

So I am leaving you with photos how to wrap them. You decide.... which would you prefer?? I say, go for them both!

First, put the sleeve on your left arm and place the fabric that hangs down up on your right shoulder. Next, wrap shawl around across the front of your body and over your left shoulder (for shorter version, leave and place shawl pin on your left shoulder.) For longer version, continue wrapping shawl around and across your back to your right shoulder, pull forward and add a shawl pin to your right shoulder. There you have it!


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Estella said...

It was the blue jean shawl that I loved - I do need to learn to crochet.

Here's my post with that cool top construction I was trying to explain.

See you at the beach!