Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

My Dad retired a few years ago, well like 5 and my mother had a party for him. As part of the festivities, my mom asked her 4 children to write a few things about our dad. It was a hit at the party and I'm sure my dad remembers the nice things we had to say about him.

My mom, who never had a retirement party, never got to hear lovely speeches about her. One time in passing she said to me, "the only time people are going to say great things about me are at my funeral, and it would be nice to hear things when you are alive".

Well, Mom, here are a few things I will say about you at your funeral..........

I love how we are referred to as 'the twins'

I love that I am raising my children in the same home you and daddy raised me in (the world is a circle, after all..........)

I love how you have all of the pattern books I have designs in out in full view (even though you don't knit or crochet)

I love that in 1984, you went on strike (as a housewife) and set the tone for me as a mother to not let my family walk all over me.

I love how growing up you dropped us off at school in your housecoat and docksiders.

I love going to antique stores with you.

I love how special you made me feel when I FINALLY needed a bra (even though I really didn't need one yet, but everyone else had one!)

I loved my wedding

I loved when you would drive to my college to take me out to lunch.

I love how you made up that game of trying to see how many people we could get to smile ("It may be their only smile today, honey")

I love how you make Christmas special for so many people.

I love seeing all of my children sleepy-eyed in your bed in the morning.

I love spending the summers with you.

I love how you are my Hero..........

When I was growing up, I thought my mom was the most beautiful mother on earth. It's funny, now that I am a grownup with children of my own and a few years behind me I can Mom is the MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON on the earth......

This is my all time favorite picture of my mother and me. It was just after Mr. Fantastic and I walked down the aisle as Man and matter how old you get, you will always be your mother's little girl.

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Leonor said...

You are so sweet. I cried reading this blog entry. I only wish I could express myself like that to my mom. You and your mom are both beautiful people. You must be from the same branch or something. I'm blessed to know you both. ;)