Monday, February 8, 2010

Lacy Capelet on TV

So, last post I told you that I found some exciting news during my last self-google. Well, here it is! Lacy Capelet that I designed (and is a free pattern) is being featured on Knitting Daily TV!!

Wooo Hoo!!! And it gets better.... for me that is, I don't think this will blow your dresses up, but.... the very fabulous Kristin Ohmdal is touching my design. The capelet on the show is the exact one I made.

To view the preview of the show go here.

From what I can get from the preview, the show is about finishing techniques. The crochet part is about the foundation beginning technique that I use in a lot of my designs and how that can effect the "finish line of your project".

Now you know that I am super stoked about this.... but I will voice (well, my written word - not really my voice here on the blog) that I am a bit nervous that my hero Kristin may diss my finishing technique on television..... that would really stink, since I already bought the entire season of knitting daily to see the episode my capelet is in!


Barbara said...

The capelet is very beautiful and what an honor to have it on a TV show with Kristen. You go girl! I think I like the red color the best.

DaCraftyLady said...

What a lovelt pattern I am going to make it too...what an honor, it is always wonderful to see our work published and shared with others. I love pink!! Debb

Estella said...

I love this! You go girl! What I love is when you click on the link to the Knitting Daily there is your name as the lovely to see.

Ellen Gormley said...

Congratulations! What a thrill!