Friday, February 5, 2010

Northfield Two-Way Jacket

I was searching around the web last night - OK, I self googled again - and I found 2 really exciting things.... here is the first, the second I will share on Monday.

The Northfield Two-Way Jacket I designed well over 2 years ago. It is made from Naturally's Country and as the name suggests, it can be worn 2 different ways. I love the way Country crochets up, it feels so wonderful right against your skin, so this piece would be a great addition to your wardrobe as you can wear it for 3 seasons.

And get this..... the pattern is available on the Michael's website for FREE!!!! I don't want to get ahead of myself, but it may even be one of those tear-off patterns that you get at the store by the yarn, and you know what? Being a tear-off sheet would be really really sexy!!!

See? Even Otis is excited!


Barbara said...

Wow I like the jacket! Thanks for sharing it with us.

MK said...

I like this jacket too...I could use a diagram or sketch though. I'm unsure where to start the back from the first front. Thanks!

Jennifer said...


I found this pattern on and would love to make it, but I'm having a hard time getting the gauge - 5-1/4 V-stitches and 9-1/2 rows to 4". When I have 9-1/2 rows, I have over 7 V-stitches. Also, this gauge doesn't seem to match the dimensions on the diagram they provide. Do you have any hints for getting the right gauge? Thanks, Jenny

Meg said...

I also could use a diagram for this pattern. I've started it multiple times and without even a drawing of how the armholes should progress and where exactly the decreases are happening it's difficult to proceed.

Also, from the meager progress I can make with this pattern, it looks huge! However, it's unclear whether I'm looking at the length or the width.


Kimberly said...


Please go to the website and get the pattern from there, it has a schematic.