Friday, February 19, 2010

New Crop of Knitters

Today is the beginning of an after school program that I am involved in. It was 30 years ago (ooof that was weird to write) that I was a participant in the same program and learned how to knit. I feel great excitement about this program because it gives me the opportunity to teach fresh new people how to knit - and it is up to them what they do with it. I find that very satisfying and exciting, I wonder if in this new group of 8 young people if there is a great new designer just waiting to emerge....

Olympic knitting continues on the green sweater, I love the colors in the yarn. Yesterday I was coming home from teaching a lesson at the yarn shop when a huge truck in front of me got stuck. The roadway was such that you couldn't turn around and so I was stuck.... I sat there for 30 minutes, good thing I had my knitting to keep me occupied!

Have a great weekend! The flowers in this post are from my brother, he brings me boxes of them.... aren't they beautiful?

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Joyce said...

Beautiful flowers, the yarn is a lovely color too, and you are doing something wonderful: passing on the knitting knowledge down to the next generation.