Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend in Review

We had a busy weekend..... Friday night I went to a pampered chef party, and I may or may not have brought my own flask of scotch. I bought some lovely things and you know what? The pampered chef lady (what do you call those women?) was famous! She was Miss Molly from Romper Room! As soon as I figured out who she was (well, I was told who she was - remember I may or may not have brought scotch) I turned into a 5 year old star stuck girl.... and she even had the magic mirror! Dudes, she said the whole magic mirror shpeel and said my name! Whoo Hoo it was a grand night.

Saturday, Jenni (my future sister-in-law) and I picked out the bridesmaid dresses for their upcoming wedding. They are very pretty and guess what? The color is GREEN, lovely green - my favorite.... GREEN!!!! We hosted our good friends to come for dinner, which turned into a big sleepover and that was super fun.

On Sunday, Mr. Fantastic and a bunch of helpers made this super sized snowman from the snow we still have.... It was Jenni's birthday, she and my brother came over for cupcakes after Sunday dinner.

Olympic knitting took a back seat this weekend when Mr. Fantastic and I found out a friend of ours is in need of a prayer shawl. I made it over the weekend and it is on it's way to New York today.... The pattern was so easy and the results are so pretty - two of my favorite things in a pattern - Oh, and it was free. Link here. I made it in a great washable yarn called Lava Hand Painted by Punta Yarns..... it is 30% wool and 70% acrylic. I hope she wears this shawl for a long, long time.


Estella said...

Did I ever tell you I used to sell Pampered Chef? I love their products. Smart girl with your own flask. Too funny that you had Miss Molly from Romper Room...I used to watch that all the time!

All good stuff over your weekend! Thanks for sharing. Miss you!

Katherine said...

I love the colors in the prayer shawl. For somer eason it reminds me of Mrs. Murphy

Miss Molly said...

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to meet you! You are so much fun! I have one question, Why didn't I get any Scoth? Lots of Love, Miss Molly

Anonymous said...

Oops maybe I had Scotch after all I can't even spell it! LOL xoxo Miss Molly