Friday, June 27, 2008

Goddess and the Three Beasts

Once upon a time there was a house Goddess. She worked very hard at keeping the house looking neat and laundry done and meals balanced. One day, the house Goddess decided that she wasn't contented anymore with these tasks. She was looking for a creative outlet.... a craft to keep her mind and her hands busy. Eureka! this house Goddess found her calling.... knitting and crochet! How happy the Goddess was....... she even began to publish some designs! Thrilling, everything was in order, house, knitting, and then she started a blog. Oh, how much fun, the Goddess' family in other kingdoms got to see what she was up to. Perfect. The blog, did, however cut into the Goddess' chores about the castle. Some times the blog was not updated because it was too late, and Mr. Fantastic was sleeping (the PC is in the room just off the bedroom). Sometimes the other members of the family were on the PC when it was time for the Goddess to blog... What will happen when the family vacations? How will the Goddess continue to design, write patterns, email contacts, look on Ravelry???? Mr. Fantastic came up with a spectacular solution. Buy another computer.... this one for the Goddess alone.... something portable, so it can be in the kitchen (where she belongs?!) and about the countryside (or the beach!).

Research was done, private shopping completed, and Lo and Behold!! a White Knight appeared!!

On the third day of the Knights arrival..... the Goddess was looking to update her blog.... use her mind, think up witty things that others in the kingdom might want to read.... and found this:

What is this? How can it be? Isn't the White Knight for the Goddess and the Goddess alone? Here is what the Beasts replied:

This one is too small....

This one is too big......

But this one, this one is Just Right.....

THE END.............I am on the PC, updating my blog.
Have a Great Weekend!

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Deborah said...

does mr. fantastic give classes to less than fantastic hubbies in bergen county?