Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Father

Happy Father's Day Daddy! Do you know how much I love you? Here are some reasons why:

I love how soft your hands are.

I love how you try not to cry every time I give you a birthday, Christmas, father's day card.

I love how when I was growing up I could talk to you about anything.

I love the way you look in a suit and wingtips.

I loved my wedding!

I loved how when I told you my S.A.T. scores you asked me which section. ( I know you have heard that one before, but it is a crowd pleaser Dad!)

I love going for boat rides.

I loved seeing you hold all of my babies and not really wanting anyone else to hold them.

I love how you like to brush Dumplin's hair.

I love your coffee!!!!!

I love hearing stories about Grandpa Raymond

I love spending the summers with you!!!

I love how you still call me my childhood nickname (it's Bony for my readers info, and not skinny bony, it's short for lazy bones!)

Thank you for all of the opportunities your hard work provided for me Daddy, I have a wonderful life, and I am so glad you are in it.....

I love you-


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