Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ode to the Little Man

Oh Little Man, how good of a Godmother am I?
to let your birthday fly right by...

Without so much as a birthday call...
I guess you could say I "dropped the ball"!

But what did I do to make things right?
of course, a woolly to warm you tight.

A beautiful cable, for a handsome little boy...
a sweater this year, not a useless toy.

Little Man, Little Man, I love you so...
I made this one with room to grow!

I will not forget, never again, my dear...
for if I do, the next will be cashmere!

The pattern is Get Ziggy from Anny Purls and I loved the design, Anny's blog and her adorable model! The yarn is Rowan cashsoft dk in color donkey. I made the 24 month size and it took only 3 balls of yarn! I loved this project - but not as much as I love the Little Man.....oh, and his dad (that's my brother!)

Good night Di Di!!

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