Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gorilla Glue, Check......Clamp, Check......

I never thought in all of my Knitting and Crocheting, that I would need these tools:

Yep, that's Gorilla Glue and a set of Clamps. It seems that on very hot days, when Mommy is trying to get a design out of her head and onto paper, little girls that are seemingly sweet and innocent get into mischief.

See how cute they are? See how it looks like they are content to be dressing up and playing dancing princesses? DON'T LET THEM FOOL YOU!!! It seems that in the very hot land of princesses, they needed to get into left over yarn and wind it around my entire knitting room. Where was I, you may ask? Me being Cinderella (aka the slave of this kingdom) I was folding laundry and wearing my magical happy maker (my ipod) to get me though this torture and I did not hear the little fingers or giggles in the other room. I did hear the loud crashing boom that snapped me out of my happy folding (thanks to Cold Play). What I found was this.

My poor dress form. She takes so much from this family, with our 7 and almost 10 year old boys constantly feeling her up and being naked so much. The poor dear, she was knocked over, and one of her legs broke. Leaping to her aid, I found the Gorilla Glue and Clamps - can you believe it! I read the directions and got right to work. In about 1 to 2 hours, she should be right as rain. Hopefully tonight she will have a new shawl on her (can you see it in the corner?). I was working this pattern in the Noro sock yarn, but I wasn't thrilled with the way it was coming...a quick stop at the yarn shop and some Frog Tree later, and a new creation is under way. I do think that since the Frog Tree is a worsted weight yarn, I will also write the pattern for lace weight yarn (since I already started one) and I do know someone who really liked the way the Noro looked! Groovy..... two patterns for one, a really quick worsted version and a lace version.

After the shawls are finished I am going to start on Miki's bag, here are the colors I picked.

I am excited for this one.


crabby knitter said...

Oh no!!!! my poor lady friend. If she needs any orthopedic devices you know where to go! Surprise and Miss ya! OX

Kimberly said...

Holy Cow Crabby Knitter!! Perfect, Perfect name!!! You will be happy to know your lady friend is up and still naked (as of tonight!)