Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well, today I thought I would have some finished things to show you, but, I don't........I have been working on things, but nothing is finished. I have the Herringbone mesh jacket almost complete. I just have to add the right front and work the yoke. I should have this finished today..

I also have the Noni Bag felted, but I haven't started the flowers yet. I decided to decorate the bag with unfurling roses instead of the fuchsia shown on the bag. I was reading on Ravelry that some people made the flowers into pins, so they can be removed and worn with something else. I think I am going to do that.

I also have some Noro sock yarn (isn't is so beautiful?) to test crochet the pattern for the last finished sweater. Oh, and I still have to write the pattern. Ugh!

This is Son #1 after his last lacrosse game. It was a new sport for him this year and although practice was, "so boring Mom", he scored a goal in his last game! (whew! I actually attended that game)

Here's something I didn't know....if you click on my pictures, they become really large and you can see a lot of detail.

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