Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, this week was crazy!! And I didn't even go to TNNA! This week the house painting was completed. I had a 24 hour knit deadline (which I met!) and today was Miss Dumplin's little princess birthday party! Whew!!

Here are the new pictures of the house. Do you remember the old colors? Well, here are the new colors and I have to say, we have been getting a very warm reception on them! My parents were here on Wednesday and they both agreed that the colors look great! Whew!!

I received a call on Wednesday afternoon from a friend who knows someone, who knows someone, etc. and would I be interested in knitting something for a fashion magazine shoot. I said sure and the ball started rolling. I then heard from my magazine contact that my piece may not be for sure in the magazine and there is another designer working on the same thing. I thought OK, no harm done, I don't have any pressure to do this - no problem. Wednesday night I proceeded to work on my Noro sock Impression (pattern coming soon!) and didn't think another thing about it. Well, on Thursday morning I woke up and I finally had the house to myself (no more painters!), so I thought I would give the garment a shot. I emailed my photos to my contact person and was contacted right away by her saying......"we love them, could you make 2 different colors, oh, and we need them by tomorrow morning...." Yeah right. Well, you know what? I did it!!! (well, you already knew that from the first paragraph, right?!) The pieces (two, remember, two 24 hours, and they weren't hats either!) were picked up this morning at 10:00am and I was even showered! Whew!! I will show pictures when I can......but I can't mention anything about it now.

The last bit of this week was Miss Dumplin's princess birthday party. We had a delicious menu of hot dogs and mac n' cheese. We drank water out of Real teacups, and had delicious cake. It was a very fun afternoon (well, to be real honest, it would have been really much better if I didn't pull an all nighter...........see description above) Whew!!!

Have a great weekend!!! Don't forget Father's Day!!

P.S. Katherine, click on the house pictures to make them larger, you will be able to see the colors better. I don't know why this is bold type either, so I can't fix it!

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susan said...

I can't believe, yes I can, that you got those things done! Way to go! xosheesh