Friday, May 9, 2008

The World Is A Circle

I have very little time this morning, I have to get ready for the Mother's Day tea at Little Miss Dumplin's school. After the battle we had this morning on getting the right dress and shoes and hair style, along with waiting for her to put perfume on.....I'm hoping they are serving Scotch (single malt preferably).

Yesterday, when I was finishing up the BSJ, Dumplin' and I were in the "knitting room" when I snapped this.....

She really does play with my button jars. Did you know that if you sing into the empty jar it sounds like a microphone?

Yep, it does. Notice Elizabeth Zimmermann in the background? She is never too far away......

This, my friends, is Paulie. Paulie was one of my 4th grade knitting students at the after school program held by our Elementary school. Paulie learned to knit in about 10 minutes, and is now knitting so much, his piano teacher has let his mother know that knitting is taking over too much of his time!

Last night our oldest (he is on the left) and I went to Paulie's house to deliver some of my stash...Paulie acted as any fiber lover would, touching everything, explaining what he is going to make with what yarn (no patterns for this boy)....and it made me swell with pride. It seems that Paulie is making jewelry with yarn and selling it at school.......I asked his mother to remind him of me when he is a famous designer!

Here is the kicker: I learned to knit in 4th grade at the very same after school program at the very same school.....the world is, indeed, a circle.

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