Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some Day's Peanuts......

Some day's mother uses that expression a lot. And you know what? Today is a shell day. I give you exhibit A:

This device is almost always my good friend. For my family and friends out there that have no idea what it is, it is a ball winder. It winds yarn from hanks (which you would have to roll into a ball manually - picture the old days with children sitting in front of their mothers and/or grandmothers holding their arms open with yarn around them). It always is an exciting time for me, I am usually starting something new and am filled with anticipation of beginning.

Today, however, my good friend Mr. B (ball winder) is like an executioner.......look at how solemn he looks, two victims today....... Exhibit B:

This is another Sprung (are you sick of them yet?) that is a gift for a good friend. Mr. Fantastic and I cannot make her party, so I wanted to make her something special......Didn't I write the bloomin' pattern? Why did I get so far (I was on the edging) and run out of yarn? It is supposed to be completed and blocking today! What an idiot!!!! Exhibit C:

The Herringbone Mesh Jacket.........I already discussed the reasons for this and to frog it is really an act of mercy, not really an execution.....but it still stinks!

Mr. Fantastic has informed me that on his way to work, he chipped his front tooth and I feel all snozzely (I hope it is just allergies - not that I really have any, but I can pretend, right?) I think Dumplin has it right. This morning she woke up and informed me that she didn't feel real pretty and needed to get into the bath..........

She just may have something there.

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