Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Helping Each Other

Yesterday I posted about the herringbone jacket, and yes, I went to the shop to get another opinion....and we decided that we needed more info. Since the pattern is available through Ravelry, I contacted the designer Amy through email and she emailed me back right away.........I love that!! It seems that the yarn I was using was shinny and flat, and the sample garment was in a tweed. The sample garment did not "show everything" I will be frogging (that's a fiber term for ripping out) the piece. I love the yarn, but I think it wants to be something else. Isn't it so cool that the designer would take the time to respond to little old's so nice when we help each other.

I went to the shop to get an opinion, and I came home with: a new bag for my projects in a Fall color. (I just bought one about a month ago and it is for Spring/Summer). The DVD for the baby surprise jacket (I know I have already knit 3 of these, but I am powerless to anything EZ). Oh, I did get my opinion on the jacket, and.............I bought more yarn to make another one.........ouch! PRETTY EXPENSIVE OPINION!!

Here is the swatch that I came up with for the Misty Alpaca hand paint lace

I love it! I think a rectangle shawl. I can also change the counts of the pattern and presto.....a scarf! Two for the price of one......or free, maybe.

This morning I walked into the boys room to wake them for school. What I found was so cute I had to run downstairs to get my camera...

Do you see them all in there? All 3 of our children........everyone in Son#1's bed! It's seems that there were way too many scary noises in the house last night (we live in an old Victorian) and they all felt better's so nice when we help each other!

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Leonor said...

How adorable! How is son #2 comfortable in that position?