Monday, May 12, 2008


Mondays are not my favorite. This Monday, coming off the high of being The Queen on Mother's day is especially crappy! It is rainy and cold (only in the 40's) I had a 3 year old visitor in my bed last night who's only mission was to stab me in the ribs every time I drifted off to sleep. When Mr. Fantastic left for work, I moved said 3 year old to the other side of bed was drifting off to dreamland, when son #1 woke me to let me know that son #2 is throwing up in the hallway.

Nice. The cherry on top is the 5 loads of laundry that I get to fold and put away......SWEET!

I need some Yarn it is:

I am making the Herringbone Mesh Jacket in this yarn. Pattern can be found here I love the color, isn't it pretty? (oooh, I'm feeling better) Wait here is the money shot

I am having a nice time with it. I had a great time with the Baby Surprise Jacket. It took forever to dry in this weather. Here it is

I love making these, you can head on over to Schoolhousepress and purchase the pattern or even a DVD. I made this one on a size 6 needle, but I have made these jackets with different sized needles and yarn to make them bigger or smaller. I only seamed up one side of the jacket because this is going to be a store sample and the funky construction of the piece is a little confusing the first time you make it. Here is what it looks like open on one side

Cool Huh? I am going to disinfect the house now (don't be jealous!)

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