Monday, May 19, 2008

Just When I Thought Today Was Going to Stink!

You all know how I feel about Mondays.....tired, cranky and missing Mr. Fantastic (I wish he could just stay home with us all the time) Today is no exception, it's a good thing it is sunny, but it is only 54 degrees - it feels more like fall than spring.

This weekend was great for knitting/crochet, but not much seems that son#1 has come down with a raging case of strep throat. I have not seen him this sick in a long time......poor fellow. With the rain on Friday all Saturday games were canceled and I stayed home with sick son #1 while the rest of the crew went to a christening party. On Sunday, it was make up game for son #2 and again, I stayed home with #1 while Mr. Fantastic drove son #2 to his game and to a birthday party. I had lots of crochet/knitting time. I finished the Sprung that I frogged

This one is in Fleece Artist Somoko. What a great feeling yarn! I have to make myself one in this yarn. I also started and finished a child's version for one of my favorite little girls: Lady S.....I will be giving it to her mom this week, so I don't want to show a picture of it is so cute and is made in the same yarn, but in a beautiful pink/purple/orange colorway.

I started my first Noni Bag, I am enjoying it so far. The bag is mindless knitting in the round I am using Ella Rae (instead of cascade) in black and I am making the largest size. This will be a gift for a woman I met at a First Communion party.......and her name is huh? Here is the pattern picture

The colors that I picked are pretty much the same as the large bag in the picture. I have a front loader washing machine, so I will be going to the laundry mat to felt this one. I am about one third of the way done on the bag...I will show pictures pre and post felting.

I am just in one of those blah moods, you know, just kind of moving through my day, I was just about to start blogging when the door bell rang, and do you know what it was? My very first pair of Fluevogs! Look at how cute they are, and soooo comfortable, they feel like butta!!!! I love them and they will not be my last pair.

This may be the first great Monday in a I need son#1 to feel better.


Jenny said...

Hello! I wandered over from LibbyKnitKins' blog and have really enjoyed browsing yours. :-) Your new wrap is beautiful!

luv2knit said...

love the wrap! what is the pattern? the colors are beautiful!!!!