Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Twirling Girl

Yesterday was the Mother's Day Tea at Dumplin's school. I had a wonderful time. Remember when your mom used to come to your school? I used to feel so happy, like my heart was skipping, or as Dumplin' would say....."you know, mom, sometimes you just gotta twirl" And you know what? If there was room in that classroom, I would have twirled - I was just that happy. There were tea pots

There was Mother and Daughter in Rockin' crochet sweaters (mine is from the spring Interweave crochet)

And there was singing and dancing

I didn't need the Scotch after all (I didn't need the two cupcakes I consumed either, but oh-well!). It makes me sad to think that one day Dumplin' isn't going to coordinate her outfits to maximize her twirl....but while she is........I'm going to savor it!

Happy Mother's Day

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